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You hear a lot of stories on the news about pollution, but a lot of people wonder how bad is marine pollution really? Different sources have conducted research about pollution in our oceans, and we want to talk about it. In this article, we’ll answer the question and show you just how bad marine pollution really is.

Define Marine Pollution

To make things easier, we should give you a quick definition of marine pollution. It refers to chemicals, materials, particles, waste, and organisms in our oceans that don’t belong there. A simple example is a water bottle floating down a river. …

A new environmentally conscious trend is rising in popularity: eco-friendly playgrounds. At first glance, they might just seem like any other playground. With a closer look, it becomes clear how unique and special each of these spaces is. From environmentally sustainable building materials to eco-conscious layouts, these seven examples are some of the most sustainable playgrounds out there. Let’s take a look.

7 of the World’s Most Eco Friendly Playgrounds

Let’s take a look at 7 great examples around the world of eco-friendly playgrounds. …

Sustainability can be a tough concept to understand, especially as a kid. They can see the immediate world around them, but it’s often hard for them to grasp the less tangible importance of recycling and zero waste living. This is exactly why it’s so important to take the time to teach them about sustainability. In this guide, you’ll learn some useful tips to help you communicate the importance of sustainability to your kids.

Why Do Kids Need to Know About Sustainability?

The truth is that the Earth is on a bad trajectory. …

Waste generation and its forecast

For many people across the world, waste management might not seem like a top priority. But with landfills, toxins, greenhouse gasses, and millions of tons of waste produced each year, pollution poses a concerning threat to the future of our planet. If we want to create a greener, more sustainable world for future generations, recycling is a component we need to take seriously. From the personal to the corporate level, it’s our responsibility to make the right recycling decisions for the environment.

To better understand current recycling practices and pitfalls, let’s explore how people around the world are managing the…

Decentralized waste management is a way for your community to work together to help the environment. Rather than giving your waste to a big management company, you can sort it on your own. In this piece, you’ll learn more about this process and get introduced to a tool that can help you.

What Is Decentralized Waste Management?

The idea behind decentralized waste management is a community coming together to process waste. The alternative is sending the waste to a centralized processing facility, which is usually a landfill.

By taking ownership of your own waste, you help the environment and adopt a cleaner way of dealing…

Plastic gets a bad rep nowadays. And rightly sow.

The world produces more than 300 million tons of plastic each year. 8 million pieces of that plastic end up in oceans every day as waste, and approximately 18.5% of landfills are made of plastic waste. The worst part? That plastic won’t break down for a very, very long time.

But plastic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The material has been used for decades in everything from clothing and cars to common household items, and some industries such as furniture manufacturing will continue to rely extensively on plastic.

But is plastic…

If you’re looking for a change that will reduce your monthly energy consumption, a sustainable home renovation might be right for you. If you’re going to renovate your home anyway, it would help to include some of these green solutions.

What Is a Sustainable Home Renovation?

A sustainable renovation is an upgrade to your home that reduces how much energy you use in a given month. It can also refer to using recycled, upcycled, or green materials in construction.

There are many benefits to green building practices, but the theme that ties them together is your cognizance of the Earth. …

The average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper each year — and about half of all these documents are thrown away within 24 hours.

But that’s only a fraction of your workers’ waste bins. Annually, people toss away:

It’s not just hurting your bottom line to keep providing products that wind up in the trash. According to research out of the U.K., …

Architecture has traditionally varied based on societal and socioeconomic norms, but recent trends have moved toward bioclimatic architecture. This is a school of thought with architecture that’s based on the local environment and optimized for local climates. It seeks to lessen the outdoor environmental impact on the indoor climate and provide optimal thermal and visual comfort.

Bioclimatic architecture is designed to make the most of the local environment for each building so that the building consumes fewer resources for heating and cooling — which leads to less consumption of resources once construction is completed. Bioclimatic architecture works with the landscape…

Green building technology is one of the most exciting trends in construction today, and it’s easy to see why. As we come to terms with the impact of climate change on our world, more and more of us are looking for a more natural, less wasteful way of life. Green building technology allows us to live in harmony with our environment, using sustainable building materials and energy sources.

In the past, green building technology may have been a staple of science fiction stories, but today it is very much a reality. Businesses like Miniwiz have put green building technology within…


Empowering a circular future through upcycling technologies turning trash into immediate building blocks for our planet.

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