A Look at How Green Building Technology is Gaining Popularity

Green building technology is one of the most exciting trends in construction today, and it’s easy to see why. As we come to terms with the impact of climate change on our world, more and more of us are looking for a more natural, less wasteful way of life. Green building technology allows us to live in harmony with our environment, using sustainable building materials and energy sources.

In the past, green building technology may have been a staple of science fiction stories, but today it is very much a reality. Businesses like Miniwiz have put green building technology within your reach. Miniwiz’s creative, out-of-the-box solutions and their use of innovative building materials make sustainable construction both easy and affordable. Keep reading to learn more about green building technology and what Miniwiz can do to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

What Is Green Building Technology?

Green building technology is a means of creating buildings that are sustainable and resource-efficient throughout their lifecycles, from the construction stage all the way to the building’s use of energy and water. Green building technology is sometimes also referred to as “green construction” or “sustainable building systems.”

Green building technology focuses on using sustainable, often biodegradable materials. Ideally, green building technology should feature materials that are both low-cost and low-waste, like single-use plastic, metal, and glass. Green construction also means using alternative power sources, such as solar or wind power, to provide a building’s electricity. It means finding alternative means of heating and cooling the building, and using water-efficient technologies to reduce waste throughout the building.

Why Is Green Building Technology Important?

As we look to the future, it’s increasingly obvious that we are all going to have to make changes in order to reverse the impact of harmful CO2 emissions on our atmosphere. Creating green, sustainable buildings is one of the best ways to help our environment. After all, buildings today account for around 40 percent of CO2 emissions globally. In the United States alone, residential and commercial buildings account for an estimated 40 percent of energy consumptions. If we improve our buildings, we’ll be taking a major step forward.

Green building benefits increase when we select the right building materials. Using single-use materials like plastics, metals, and glass in construction also has broader implications for our environment. On one hand, it’s a low-cost, low-energy means of constructing a building. Beyond that, though, it quite literally pulls waste out of our oceans and landfills, cleaning up our environment.

EcoARK Pavilion made from 1.5 Million Plastic Bottles

What’s the History of Green Building Technology?

In a way, green building technology dates back to ancient times. The ancients used natural building materials and geographical features to keep their buildings cool, comfortable, and in harmony with their surroundings. Today, we are rediscovering the wisdom of our ancestors and finding new ways to create sustainable, harmonious dwellings.

The modern green building movement can be traced back to the 1970s, when many people became aware of the negative impact that air conditioning, HVAC systems, and high energy use required by most of the day’s buildings.

The rise of green building technology was largely a response to the waste and expense that characterized most modern architecture. As the green construction movement grew, it evolved into a model for the future, becoming far more affordable. By incorporating low-cost materials that might otherwise be discarded, today’s green construction has become a viable alternative for people around the world.

What Kind of Reception Has Green Building Technology Received?

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the impact that their living and working spaces have on the environment, and on their own health. People today don’t want anything to do with asbestos-laden insulation, lead piping, or mold-generating HVAC systems. That’s why green building technology has gotten such a great reception. It offers people the opportunity to live in clean, healthy spaces which also benefit the broader environment.

Consumers care about reducing energy use and about creating cleaner air and water supplies. As more and more people become educated about the importance of environmental stewardship, green building technology is likely to become an even hotter trend than it is today.

The Future of Green Building Technology

The future of green building technology is very bright right now. As the sustainability movement grows, there is an ever-increasing demand for buildings that use responsibly sourced materials and can get as close to net zero emissions as possible. There is a strong social drive behind green construction, which appears to be propelling the movement forward very rapidly.

As green construction continues to expand, it is likely to become still more affordable, putting it within the reach of ordinary people around the world. In fact, the use of unconventional building materials (like single use plastics, metals, and glass) makes green construction a low-cost option, compared to conventional building options.

It is impossible to say, today, exactly what green building technology will look like in the future. We can certainly anticipate a continued interest in unconventional, low-cost, and low-energy building materials. We can also expect an ongoing exploration of ways to reduce energy use and waste at all stages in a building’s lifecycle, from the start of construction and onward. However, we can’t be sure exactly what the buildings of the future will look like. That’s part of what makes this field so exciting.

The fact is, green construction will continue to evolve alongside the evolving demands of the environment and the growing capabilities of scientists and engineers. While we can’t predict the exact future of green building technology, we can certainly predict that the world’s need for green technology is going to continue to rise. Successful architects, business owners, and home owners all have a growing interest in transitioning to sustainable building systems as soon as possible.

Applying Green Building Technology to Your Home or Business

At Miniwiz, we specialize in finding innovative, creative solutions that bring green building technology to an ever-widening customer base. We are dedicated to making meaningful difference in many areas, particularly in long-life-cycle building and construction industries. We take pride in our ability to transform industrial and household wastes into sustainable building materials, building modules, specialty fabrics, designer furniture, and fixtures.

If you’d like to learn more about what Miniwiz can do to “green” your building, contact us today. We’d be delighted to talk to you about the opportunities for a low-cost, healthy, and sustainable transformation to your residential or commercial building.

Empowering a circular future through upcycling technologies turning trash into immediate building blocks for our planet. http://miniwiz.com/

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